Top Reasons to Workout at Home



A friend asked about my reasons to do home workouts instead of going to the gym and the bottom line for me is it’s just better, not a little bit better but much much better in fact and better in many ways too, I am much fitter now than I ever was before I started working out at home and it may work for your too.

Hands up if you have ever said, or thought something along these lines……

  • I want to get fit when I buy some new gym shoes / I need to get some new shorts/shoes
  • I need to buy  gym membership to get fit
  • I’ve been too busy to go to the gym
  • I want to get into shape then go to the gym to get fit
  • I want to lose some weight then join a gym and get fit
  • I need to get a new ipod or sort out some tunes and then I will go to the gym
  • I’m going to change gyms to one closer by and then i will go more and get fit

All are excuses I know I am guilty of all of these and I am willing to bet most of us have haveused at least one of these excuses at least at one time.

The thing is that we need to recognize them for what they are, excuses, diversions, procratination call it what you will  – buying a pair of trainers, an expensive gym membership or even a thousand dollar home gym won’t get you fit, action will get  you fit and if you are struggling with motivation consider these top tips

  1. Little and often wins the day
  2. Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do
  3. In the words of the great Nike ” Just do it” do the workout because you said you would or because you know you should or because of that time when you really diddn’t want to do it but you did and you ended up enjoying it and feeling great, do it because you want the body you deserve, you want the girl you want, you want to run with your kids – whatever it takes …….

Just Do it

You Can Avoid These Gym Types

Want some reasons to not go to the gym here’s some good ones just to start!!!

  • Screamers
  • Stinkers
  • Sweaty stinkers
  • Grunters
  • Singers
  • Roid ragers and human oxes
  • Leaky head-phoned gym disk jockeys
  • Hoarders
  • Octopus dumbbell users
  • Mobile phone users
  • Social gym goers
  • Macho men
  • Lechy men

Comment below for your favorite gym irritations!

Working Out at Home is Quicker and More Convenient

Exercising at home is without a doubt faster and a more efficient use of your time.

First I am at home each day anyway so it’s not special effort to go there, Second let’s face it going to the gym can feel a bit like going on a stage.

Depending on your habits you can spend large amount of time getting ready to look “presentable” for the gym. I am not particularly slow at getting ready but I conservatively estimate 45 minutes at least to get changed, find the right outfit, pack what I need to take to the gym, things I use while working out and to shower afterwards.

Then there’s the travel to and from the gyms, parking, and getting into the gym, use the changing rooms, put things in a locker and finally get ready to work out.

My old gym was close by, just a 15 minutes drive but it took an additional 15 minutes ontop for those other things, so that’s an extra 30 minutes times two so an hour to add on to the 45 minutes to get ready – so that’s almost two hours wasted already before I have even done a single exercise – seriously who can afford that?

Home Workouts are Cheaper

Exercising at home is way cheaper, you know and for some people “saving on a gym membership” is enough but that’s just the start, savings you can make include:

  • Save on a gym membership
  • Save on travel costs each time you visit
  • Save on gym wear – you can wear what you like – no need for that designer gym out fit that was going to cost a weeks salary!

Workout on Your Own Terms

  • Workout on your own terms – What the heck does that mean?
    It means a lot –  it pretty much deserves a post of it’s own in fact, we all like to think that we are our own person and we are.. to some extent and that’s a good thing, we need to be considerate and follow the rules;
  • Gyms have rules and we must obey them for the “greater good”. Sometimes those rules are written down, sometimes they are unspoken, sometimes they are imposed on us and sometimes we impose them upon ourselves but when we are exercising at home we can do as we like – we are free to work out unhindered by any rules or judgement. Take a moment and work out what that means to you.

Here are some of more obvious benefits of home exercise that we can characterize as “freedom” to exercise on our own terms

  • No opening or closing hours – workout when you want.
  • No distractions
  • No judgement – if your out of shape and not feeling great the last thing you want is to feel judged and it’s a big problem for people that need to get fit the most
  • Wear what you want –  Whatevers easiest and will help you get it done
  • No waiting for equipment and the space is all yours
  • Listen to whatever music you want – my last gym played terrible music, loudly. I tried large closed headphones that didn’t stay on my head very well and I needed to play my music louder than I wanted to drown out the awful music the gym played (on a loop)
  • Watch or listen to whatever you want – catch up on netflix, listen to an audio book, or your own music

I am sure there are many other benefits that I have missed so please comment below and I will add them

It’s Safer at Home than The Gym

Ok I know that sounds kind of paranoid and I’m not saying that Safety is a big factor in a decision about whether to follow a home fitness plan if say you live on “the mean Streets of Santa Monica” then again if you have a tougher neighbourhood then leaving a gym at night can be a serious issue, consider this:

  • Gyms have a real problem with germs – they aren’t cleaning all the time for no reason, research shows that gyms and gym equipment is absolutely alive with germs and some of them quite nasty – I know that I can honestly say that I have never used a “clean” piece of gym equipment, was it clean enough though? Maybe,I don’t know for sure but i guess so as all I caugght so far was an occassional cold, flue and a veruccah – but thats’ only so far – which is the point.
  • Everytime you get in a car or travel you have risk, sure it’s hopefully low risk but it is risk and it seems to me it’s always worth considering the value of any risk that we accept in life.

No Excuse to Not Workout

That’s right I said it, you massively cut down on the most common reasons for not working out, it all but obliterates all the major excuses we all use for not looking after our health:

  • Too busy
  • I need to join a gym
  • My gym clothes are dirty
  • The gym is shutting
  • It’s too far
  • I’m too out of shape to be out in public
  • I have only got the energy for a 15 minute workout
  • I don’t have the time today, it’s just not worth it I can only work out for x minutes
  • It will be too busy
  • I need to be home because the mail man, kids or whoever are coming or may call

It’s just easier to be accountable and you know what that feels great it really does – I am in control it’s down to me.

Set a Good Example to your Family

Health and fitness is a major issue for all age groups today.

Child obesity is a national epidemic, weight related illnesses and adult diabetes are at record levels too.

Working out at home demonstrates to your family and children that you are taking responsibility and making your health a priority.

“Health is wealth” and teaching these values to child is literally priceless – too often we see neglectful parents allowing children to destroy their own health for the want of proper parenting – their are no excuses knowledge about diet, exercise and healthy living is freely available these days.