How Much Money Should You Spend On Supplements?


Are you someone who is often bewildered by the vast array of supplements available today? From the protein powders, to the pre-workout boosters, to the post-workout recovery shakes, to the multivitamins, to the testosterone boosters, to the fish oils, to the meal replacement shakes…the list is endless!

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Which of these really are truly ‘essential’?
Then how do you decide which brand, out of the hundreds on the market, to go with? Then even more confusing is the detail about supplements, for example is Bovine Cla bad for me?

Well the good news is that the very first thing you should prioritize is a healthy balanced diet, that’s right I am saying ignore all supplements and focus on eating healthy nutritional food first before spending money or time on supplements.
However there are certain supplements that are extremely useful and beneficial – especially in certain circumstances so please read on.

Despite what you hear in the media, you don’t need all of these supplements. The sad fact is manufacturers will continue to produce countless types of supplements for as long as they can convince users they need them. In addition,

This article discusses a number of supplements and dispels any myths and provides clarification on any uncertainties that may have been intentionally or unintentionally generated by manufacturers and/or promoters and, most importantly, provides you with the information you need in order to decide which supplements you should purchase.

Although a lot of home workout program creators develop their own brand protein powder (or recovery formula, as they’re sometimes known), I have, for the most part, always stuck with the same brands of supplements since before I began using home workout programs.
I’m a firm believer in the saying “you get what you pay for”, particularly when it comes to supplements. There are so many cheap protein powders available but the quality just isn’t there. It’s easier and cheaper for the manufacturer of a poor-quality protein powder to